Dynamic Relationships

Training and Counselling

Providing interpersonal skills and solutions with workplace group training programs and private individual counselling.

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organisational development solutions.

Bringing heart and humour to your skill-building training days, resourcing team members and enhancing organisational culture. To your customers, business feels personal. To your team, an atmosphere of cooperation and respect reduces stress and brings out their best.

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Face to face, one on one counselling in Newcastle.

Feeling frustrated, stuck or in despair? It happens to everyone at some stage in life. I provide a private, professional and confidential space to download, feel validated and respected, gain insight and strategies, and consider options and direction.

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What are people saying about Dynamic Relationships?

"It has been great to utilise the skills you taught – it has been so useful and feels like I'm making more of a difference in our clients' lives."

- Participant, Support Organisation, Toowoomba QLD.

"It's one of the best professional learning experiences I have had since joining my organisation 13 years ago - practical, achievable and inspiring"

- Educator, Inverell NSW

"One of the most useful professional development opportunities I've ever undertaken."

- Participant, Wyong NSW

About Sue

I’m a passionate counsellor and educator with a great love for the fascinating field of human behaviour.

A strong administration background combined with 10 years in community development led to the career passion that I channel in two distinct parts:

  1. Professional development facilitation and creating tailored workshop programs full of those “Aha” moments of clarity and inspiration.
  2. Working with individuals in private Counselling sessions using compassion, humour, objectivity, a toolbox of skills and an abiding respect for our human stories.

I bring years of designing and facilitating personal development groups with me when I walk into the professional training day I’ve put together for your organisation, and so every training program has a foundation of self-awareness, personal accountability, and healthy communication underpinning the topic.

Can I appreciate what your organisational needs are? There’s a good chance of that. My experience includes managing budgets, programs and people, and trying to operate in that sweet spot where policy and legislation meets grass roots human need.

I continue to work in a non-Government organisation part-time. It keeps me on my toes with regard to political changes affecting services and clients, and it keeps me humble and forever learning as I honour some of the very real suffering in the lives of my clients and stay in touch with new skills to respond.

And I love the variety and joy I get from passing on to others the type of professional interpersonal skills and strategies I wish I had known earlier.


Contact me if you feel I might be able to help you or your organisation.

Phone: 0408 609 506  |  Email: sue@dynamicrelationships.com.au  |  Facebook